Moon Secrets

0 Moon Secrets by Lauri Kubuitsile

She sits down on the sofa, exhausted, and turns on the TV. Much against her character, Goitsemang has grown to like reality crime shows, especially ones about serial killers. So she’s happy to see one is starting. She doesn’t dig too deep as to why she enjoys learning about killers. Maybe it’s a break from […]

Green Shirt

0 Green Shirt by Timi Odueso

You are eight years old, Nonso is twelve and you both live with your Grandmama inside her small flat where the walls are unpainted, and the floors are rough, gray and untiled. The flat is one of four in a house with no running water. And every morning there’s a race for who gets to […]

Grandpa’s Cupboard

0  Grandpa’s Cupboard By Ifeanyichukwu Eze

I want to remember. No. I don’t want to keep remembering. But shouldn’t I? His face keeps popping up here and there, in my dreams, in my wakefulness, smiling his familiar assured smile, inciting me to come and play, as if he was here. He doesn’t say anything, only the smile. The last smile. We […]

Amuse Bouche

0 Amuse Bouche By Nwankwo O. J.

It was always the female writers with wavy hair in independently made films that caught and owned your attention. You would pore over their photographs on Google images and follow their wavy hair out of character and into reality. You drank in the bliss that was their hair. Oh so soft. So weightless it rose […]

Refined Products

0 Refined Products By Ahmad Holderness

Let’s talk about the fate of garri From when a cassava stalk finds The blackness of the soil, when it’s hairy Spikes find joy in sprouting leaves after Its roots sojourn into the deeper recess Of the mantle in the universe of nutrients. Let’s talk about growth, the process Of roots becoming bulbs, fattening To […]


0 Dancing By Efe Ogufere

i grew up thinking that the body of a woman is a house. an abandoned house around the corner, a repository for beautiful broken things. walk too briskly and you’d miss it. it must have been that first night mother neatly folded sobs between her wrappers and carefully placed them, locked, in a box deep […]