0 Spring By Athol Williams

I saw two men holding hands, in broad daylight, in public, as only lovers do. I stopped and stared as one stops and stares at spring’s abundance, lakes of rippling daffodils, plains richly green, as one stops and stares, entranced by beauty.

Refined Products

0 Refined Products By Ahmad Holderness

Let’s talk about the fate of garri From when a cassava stalk finds The blackness of the soil, when it’s hairy Spikes find joy in sprouting leaves after Its roots sojourn into the deeper recess Of the mantle in the universe of nutrients. Let’s talk about growth, the process Of roots becoming bulbs, fattening To […]


0 Dancing By Efe Ogufere

i grew up thinking that the body of a woman is a house. an abandoned house around the corner, a repository for beautiful broken things. walk too briskly and you’d miss it. it must have been that first night mother neatly folded sobs between her wrappers and carefully placed them, locked, in a box deep […]


0 Foreigner By Muwanwu

i. Because of the foreign language foaming at his mouth, Uncle plays Kenyan and Ghanaian marimba music in His car. This, he says, is what you do when your own country Does not want you. You fall in love with girls on the other side Of the border, girls raised by single mothers with tongues […]

When You Say Akata

0 When You Say Akata By Helen Nde

When you say Akata Remember You are speaking of a brother, A sister, a child, Mother, father Kidnapped from home Raised on far-off shores Chained and beaten Until hope became a faint glimmer Until home became a weak whisper Until humanity tasted bitter Remember You are not speaking of yourself Because you had Africa’s forests, […]

Spitting image

0 Spitting image By Fahima Hersi

When Eedo Laki saw me for the first time, her mouth robbed me of my name and replaced it with my father’s. The Arabic sat sweet between her tongue and teeth. She addressed me with glee and haunt fencing in the nucleus of her eyes. Wails filled the humid air. Nameless faces that looked like […]

Ask Me About Love

0 Ask Me About Love by Taiyo Ojo

each morning i find me, sifting through all the syllables of love brimming with words i can say and cannot spell half–illiterate in my mother tongue             half–silent in          my      purchased         f——– -luency at the age of five i watch […]