My Country is a Crying Child

0 My Country is a Crying Child By Ané Breytenbach

I wrote an email to a friend the other day that began like this: When I was a kid, I used to say quiet thank yous to the universe that there were no tsunamis or earthquakes or tornadoes where we are from. Like I had luckily been born in the one safe place on earth. […]

Grandpa’s Cupboard

0  Grandpa’s Cupboard By Ifeanyichukwu Eze

I want to remember. No. I don’t want to keep remembering. But shouldn’t I? His face keeps popping up here and there, in my dreams, in my wakefulness, smiling his familiar assured smile, inciting me to come and play, as if he was here. He doesn’t say anything, only the smile. The last smile. We […]

Amuse Bouche

0 Amuse Bouche By Nwankwo O. J.

It was always the female writers with wavy hair in independently made films that caught and owned your attention. You would pore over their photographs on Google images and follow their wavy hair out of character and into reality. You drank in the bliss that was their hair. Oh so soft. So weightless it rose […]


0 Roots By Carey Baraka

Disclaimer: Please note some aspects of this story have been fictionalised both to protect the innocent and for artistic reasons. When I was in campo, pretending to get an education and having a good time at entertaining the fountain of youthful rebellion, I was friends with this fellow called Roots, “friend” here being a rather […]