Moon Secrets

0 Moon Secrets by Lauri Kubuitsile

She sits down on the sofa, exhausted, and turns on the TV. Much against her character, Goitsemang has grown to like reality crime shows, especially ones about serial killers. So she’s happy to see one is starting. She doesn’t dig too deep as to why she enjoys learning about killers. Maybe it’s a break from […]

Green Shirt

0 Green Shirt by Timi Odueso

You are eight years old, Nonso is twelve and you both live with your Grandmama inside her small flat where the walls are unpainted, and the floors are rough, gray and untiled. The flat is one of four in a house with no running water. And every morning there’s a race for who gets to […]

The Monkey in the Middle

0 The Monkey in the Middle By Rešoketšwe Manenzhe

Even after I explained twice, Matome still didn’t get it. He tried, though. But he struggled to grasp how someone could be both lively and suicidal at the same time. He violently coughed before saying, “So it was you?” “Yeah,” I said. “I mean…yeah.” “I still think it’s strange. Maybe you should explain one more […]

Valentine’s Day

0  Valentine’s Day By Torinmo Salau

There was love in the air; the aura of Valentine’s Day was sweeping through the school harder than the harmattan, which continually harassed us with cracked lips and flaky skin. Never been my kind of holiday. People always teased me behind my back about how my butt jiggled in my brown khaki shorts, which were […]

Things Yet Not Au Fait


Let us kiss fire with this stakes too, as we bite from these, Colossal apples of self-sacrifice. Cold and certain.  You are beginning to lose words, just as you have been told. You are forgetting how to mentally arrange things, to carve the least mundane routes through this maze. You have turned lumpy, like three days […]